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Customer Service Training

Customized skill development for exceptional customer interactions.


World-Class Customer Training is Challenging

Customer-facing businesses meet familiar problems. 

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High Turnover

Industry-wide demand for skilled customer service reps leads to frequent turnover and a big increase in recruiting, training, and onboarding expenses. 
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Inconsistent Training

Variations in training quality across locations can result in an uneven customer experience, decreasing customer satisfaction and lower repeat purchase sales.
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Insufficient Communication 

Gauging the actual impact of customer training programs is complex, which makes it difficult to scale initiatives. 
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Limited Upskilling

A lack of opportunities for professional development can quickly lead to disengagement and demotivation.
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Ineffective Measuring

Gauging the actual impact of customer training programs is complex, which makes it difficult to scale initiatives. 
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Evolving Expectations

Changing customer preferences and new communication tools make it difficult to maintain relevant training programs and it's leaving customer service reps unprepared.

Learning Platform

An All-in-One Hybrid-Solution

Deliver continuous customer service training.

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    Aflexible program for all client services. Offer blended instructor-led seminars with online or offline sessions, 24/7.
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    Assign customer-focused eLearning that’s fun, interactive and practical.
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    Ensure consistent training delivery and messaging across your organization.
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    Track key learning metrics and identify knowledge gaps.
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    Communicate and leave actionable feedback that builds capabilities.
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    Customer Training + Dynamic Platform

    We actively teach skills that transform client experiences.

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    Blended Learning Approach Beyond traditional eLearning. We integrate interactive courses with live, instructor-led training sessions and tailored self-study.
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    Comprehensive Skill DevelopmentReinforce knowledge through practical role-playing. Master soft skills like empathy, negotiation, and conflict resolution.
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    Enterprise CustomizationPartner with our instructional design experts to create a customized curriculum covering all your products, services, and processes.
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    Centralized Knowledge HubBuild a knowledge base by uploading product guides, templates, and troubleshooting manuals with our content repository.
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    Tailored Service

    A New Approach to Performance

    A proven way to get results.

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    A Synergy That SellsOur learning specialists partner with your customer service reps guaranteeing all content is skills-based and results focused.
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    The Best Hands-On Approach, Hands DownWe empower customer service teams to routinely practice new skills, transforming knowledge into role-specific capabilities.
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    Bridging the Gap We reduce turnover costs, boost revenue, and align skills with performance - ensuring training is impactful and measurable.
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    Scalable and Cost-effectiveOur hybrid training solution is built for scale and far more cost-effective than traditional in-person training.
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    Your B2B customer training questions answered:

    Is your hybrid learning approach suitable for businesses of all sizes?

    Yes, hybrid learning is adaptable for all business sizes. It's particularly effective for B2B customer service training, allowing companies to combine online modules for product knowledge with in-person role-playing for complex client interactions. Small businesses benefit from cost-effective solutions, while large enterprises can ensure consistent training across diverse teams handling varied B2B accounts.

    How cost-effective is implementing a hybrid learning program with LearningOS?

    Hybrid learning with an LMS is highly cost-effective for B2B customer service training. Initial costs are offset by reduced travel expenses, minimized time away from client support, and reusable digital content. For B2B scenarios, it allows for quick updates on new products or services, ensuring customer-facing staff are always current. ROI is typically positive within a year, calculated as: ROI (%) = (Benefit - Cost) / Cost x 100.

    How can your training solution and software improve our corporate training effectiveness?

    Our program combines online modules for product knowledge and industry trends with in-person sessions for relationship-building skills. We believe this approach improves engagement and knowledge retention, crucial for handling complex B2B client needs. LearningOS analytics help identify areas where customer service representatives may need additional support, ensuring continuous improvement in client interactions.

    How do we measure the effectiveness and ROI of our hybrid learning program?

    To measure the effectiveness and ROI of a B2B customer service hybrid learning program, we focus on key performance indicators tied to business outcomes. Track training completion rates, improvements in customer satisfaction scores, and reductions in escalation rates. Monitor increases in successful upsells or cross-sells and assess time-to-proficiency for new representatives. Calculate ROI by comparing program costs against improvements in client retention rates, contract renewals, and service expansions. We use Kirkpatrick's model to evaluate reaction, learning, behavior changes, and business results in B2B customer service performance. This approach will provide a clear picture of our program's impact on employee capabilities and bottom-line results.

    Maximize Customer Interactions

    With a faster and more effective way to train.

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