What is LearningOS?

It's an All-in-One Solution for Enterprises that want to scale

Content Management System (CMS)

Content management system with course search, popular courses overview, class information, and detailed assessment settings.

Learning Management System (LMS)

Learning management system featuring student information and learner analytics infographic.

Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

Virtual learning environment or learner portal featuring learner dashboard with an overview of upcoming class schedule and course and assignment content information.


Admin Portal

Streamline your learning operations with our Content Management System (CMS) and Learning Management System (LMS) combined. Learn more.

Scheduling and booking. Calendar view of upcoming courses, lessons and instructors with confirm booking button.

Scheduling and Booking

Save time and costs by effortlessly assigning courses, classes and instructors.

Sections of the content management system (CMS), upload and edit courses and content. Assign learning resources.

Content Management

Automate learning operations by allowing the whole team to upload, edit, and assign learning resources from any location.

Gamified activities made possible using content authoring tools.

Content Authoring

Increase learners’ engagement and revenue streams by creating engaging in-house resources.

Learner Progress Overview: Lesson Content, Skills, and Teacher Feedback in Multilingual Report Books.

Progress and Report Books

Improve students' achievement by tracking progress and offering motivating reports.

Manage courses for instructors on the admin portal. Assign instructors and edit important course details.

Personalized Pathways

Increase learner engagement by creating a clear roadmap of lessons, courses, and resources.


Learner Portal

Available on web and on mobile devices for learners and parents. Learn more.

Upcoming class overview, with real-time notifications and session details.

Class Overview

Stay up to date with class and schedule changes through in-app notifications.

My assignments section showing learners’ self-study assignments and homework. Complete activities on your learner portal.

Self-study Assignments

Stay on top of learning by completing coursework anywhere, on any device.

Overview of my analytics on the learner portal. Select course and view individual grading and scoring.

Progress and Gradebook Reports

Review strengths and weaknesses to plan out next steps.

Launch your virtual classroom integration by pressing the join button from any location and device.

Virtual Classroom

Maintain learning progress with online classes from any device and location.

Fill in the blank activity type. Perfect for assessments with trackable scoring.

Tests and Assessment

Take interactive placement tests, summative, and formative assessments as part of the course.

Our All-in-One Solution

Can power all your learning and training needs.

Book Intro

Our Platform in 6 Steps

Desktop monitor icon with an up arrow, indicating the ability to upload learning content onto computers.

Create or upload your learning content

Icon showing sections of blank text where newly enrolled user information would be.

Enroll new learners

Icon showing a boy touching multiple interactive screens indicating a personalized learning experience.

Create personalized learning paths

Desk calendar icon with a circled pencil mark on a specific date, symbolizing the ease of scheduling classes and assigning instructors.

Schedule classes and assign instructors

Icons featuring a pie chart and line graph, demonstrating the ability to track learner progress through analytics.

Measure engagement and track progress

Icon resembling a certificate with 'CERTIFICATE' in capital letters, symbolizing success and achievement.

Celebrate achievements and successes

Achieve more with LearningOS


Ease of Use

Automate all learning operations and launch branded learning products and services globally through our all-in-one solution.


Connect the most popular 3rd party learning tools used by most enrichment companies (LMS, SIS, VC, CRM) via APIs and LTI.


Visualize learner progress, monitor instructor efficacy, and user engagement in real-time via the learner portal app (mobile and web).
✔ Save time and costs
✔ Unlock new revenue streams
✔ Enhance user engagement and retention

A Tailor-Made Learning Solution

For your Enterprise.

Book Intro
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