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eLearning Authoring Tools for Effective Content Creation

The LearningOS platform and its powerful eLearning authoring tools are fully integrated with the H5P Course Creator to enhance interactive learning experiences. These tools enable the creation of diverse, engaging content, from quizzes and games to multimedia-rich class presentations, tailored for various age groups and proficiency levels.

A Powerful Content Authoring Tool

Fully integrated into LearningOS, our H5P Course Creator enables team members to integrate interactive content directly into their courses.

Interactive Content

Make learning more engaging and effective by creating quizzes, games, and class presentations filled with multimedia.

Diverse Activity Types

H5P offers 50+ content types suitable for different age groups and proficiency levels.

Essential Assessments

Design assessments that offer automated scoring and submission buttons. Effortlessly send these assignments directly to the students' Learner Portal.

H5P Content Solutions


Mobile Friendly Content

H5P content is responsive and mobile-friendly. Increase learning opportunities and experience the same interactive content on computers, phones, and tablets.
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Push Content

Share newly created H5P content such as lesson reviews, self-study practice, and project work from the admin dashboard.
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Multi-Language Content

H5P supports multiple languages in its content types. Content creators can input the translated content to each activity.

Easy to Build, Navigate, and Retrieve

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    Seamless Course StructureSimply drag and drop to arrange lessons, guided practice activities and self-learning review modules in a logical order.
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    Full FlexibilityEnterprises can easily update and modify content as needed, ensuring that the materials stay relevant and up-to-date.
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    Versatile ContentH5P Course Creator allows modifying existing materials for your new content in a few simple steps, by copying and pasting or exporting and importing.
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    Efficient Tagging Create lesson tags for modules and courses to make it easier for learners, admin, and instructors to navigate.
H5P integration: h5p file upload button beside 'Add learning materials,' 'assignments,' and 'supplementary materials' buttons. Information displays learning goals and content section organization, with an 'Add new section' button.

Let us build it for you...

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