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Microlearning LMS

LearningOS's microlearning LMS system enhances engagement and knowledge retention by breaking down complex subjects into clear, concise, and gamified content, making learning both efficient and enjoyable.

Versatile and Interactive LMS for Microlearning

Breaking long lectures into fun, bite-sized learning activities that have:

Clear Objectives

Each lesson, lesson review, and assessment contains clear learning objectives.

Rich Multimedia

Effortlessly add images, audio, and video to enrich the learning experience.

Gamified Content

Turn stressful tests into fun activities to increase students' motivation.

Benefits of Microlearning

Increase engagement and knowledge retention among learners. Use H5P, a powerful content authoring tool to create concise, interactive, and engaging microlearning modules.

Create Targeted Courses

Enrichment centers can create microlearning courses from scratch that focus on niche skills or subjects allowing them to keep on top of educational trends.

Montage showcasing the versatility of creating engaging microlearning activities and courses with LearningOS software, accessible on any device.

Adapt as Necessary

Course creators can quickly edit and update microlearning modules, allowing teams to adapt the content's level, length, and scope for ongoing relevance.

Man editing his microlearning course information including tags, descriptions and lesson content changes.

Save Time and Money

Creating microlearning modules requires less time and fewer resources than traditional learning.

A happy young learner looking at a globe. An interactive H5P drag and drop activity features in the background.

More Learning

Access microlearning modules anywhere, on any device, increasing study opportunities.

Educational professionals accessing content on tablet, laptop, and mobile phone and discussing the benefits of LearningOS’ microlearning content.

Get Students Talking

Fun learning experiences boost re-enrollment rates, student referrals, and enhance company branding.

A young learner engaged in an interactive speaking activity with an audio recording function. Her father will be able to check teacher feedback on the activity.

Improve Learning Outcomes
Piece by Piece

Contact our team for advice on creating microlearning content.

Use Case

Increased Learning Opportunities

Apply microlearning practices to self-study modules.

  • Flexible LearningAssign modules as part of an online, hybrid or even an offline course.
  • Revision and AssessmentMake lesson reviews fun again by creating and assigning quizzes, and multiple choice assessments.
  • Device CompatibilityAllow learners to easily complete self-study modules on mobile or tablet.
Gamified OOOLAB content showing a module used for professional upskilling. The content is a guide to creating professional content using LearningOS and H5P.

Solution — H5P Course Creator

Variety of Content

LearningOS allows users to create microlearning content from your admin dashboard. Launch the H5P creator tool and choose from over 50 activity templates, or upload your own resources and assign these modules directly from the admin portal.

Young boy on his ipad. The background represents a range of microlearning templates that can be created using the H5P creator tool.

Increase Learner Retention Rates

Start creating microlearning content.

Time is Money

Introducing Microlearning for Corporate

Forget long and boring eLearning modules. Incorporate microlearning content into your business. Allow employees to learn at their own pace, retain key information faster, all while tracking their progress.

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Boost Engagement and Performance

Contact our team for more information on corporate microlearning.

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