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Custom eLearning Development

We build bespoke eLearning curriculums.

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Our eLearning Development Team Helps You


Save Time

We can build curriculums from scratch efficiently and economically.
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Ensure Quality

We guarantee consistent quality across levels, lesson formats and screen sizes.
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Add Flare

Our expert team can infuse your curriculum with creativity and innovation.

Quality eLearning Content Sets You Apart

Make sure yours is high quality.

Custom-Made Learning

Our dynamic curriculums are built for live classes, online classes, or self-study courses.

Diverse Content

We create multi-sensory activities that test essential skills, while incorporating 21st century skills such as creativity, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration.

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Targeted Objectives

We design learning check-points throughout our content making sure teachers and students monitor and evaluate their learning.

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Gamified Activities

We integrate fun and interactive content games to boost engagement, increase retention, and make classes more enjoyable. 

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Professional Alignment

We build content that follows sophisticated rubrics and frameworks aligned with international standards.

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Accurate Assessment

We design quizzes, formative assessments, and project-based assessments with straightforward tracking.

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Industries We Cover

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Educational Enrichment

Development of eLearning programs for any extracurricular learning including language education and specialized test preparation.
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Corporate Training

eLearning courses for organizations designed to help new hires, increase employees' productivity and learn in demand skills in your industry.
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Customer Education

Our courses help your customers understand, utilize, and get maximum value from your products or services.
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Religious Learning

Courses that promote understanding of a religion's beliefs, doctrines, rituals, customs, rites, and personal roles.
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STEM Education

Courses focused on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, designed to engage and educate students in these critical fields.
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Vocational Education

Development of online courses for vocational training and technical education, focusing on practical skills in areas like trades, technology, and engineering.
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Semi-Conductor Training

Custom eLearning courses designed to upskill your workforce in the rapidly evolving semiconductor industry, covering cutting-edge technologies, AI integration, and fostering adaptability and problem-solving skills.
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Environmental Education

Development of eLearning content focused on environmental studies and global sustainability education.
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Healthcare and Mental Health

eLearning courses that promote holistic wellness, mental well-being, and home care training.
Custom Course Development FAQ
What is custom eLearning development?

OOOLAB's custom eLearning development involves creating structured educational and training content designed to meet the needs of your organization or educational institution.

What kinds of Corporate Training courses do you offer?

Our training courses cover employee onboarding, sales and product training (B2B and B2C), compliance, soft skills, and comprehensive customer education programs to help businesses educate their clients on products and services.

What kinds of Enrichment Education courses can you develop?

Our courses supplement regular school curriculums and are perfect for after-school tutoring centers. We specialize in curriculums for language learning, STEAM subjects (including coding), test preparation, and English for specific purposes.

How much does custom eLearning development cost?

Costs vary depending on the complexity, length, and interactivity of your course. Book a meeting with our team and we can discuss your unique needs.

Can the custom course be designed to reflect our brand?

Yes. Our professional eLearning design team can tailor your course to match your organization's branding, culture, and values.

How long does it take to develop a custom eLearning course?

The development time for curriculums depends on the scope and complexity of your project. Speak to our Sr curriculum development manager for an estimated time frame.

Can custom courses be integrated with another LMS?

Although we suggest using LearningOS for hosting your courses due to its comprehensive features, our custom courses can be integrated with another LMS by developing your course in a format compatible with your chosen system.

Is it possible to update all my courses and eLearning materials in the future?

You’ll have complete ownership over your content. Your team can edit, update, and repurpose whenever necessary.

Promote It Like You Own It

Add your brand to our brilliantly designed content.

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