A Hybrid-Learning Platform for
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Digitally transforming learning operations.


A Highly Competitive Sector 

Means your establishment has become 2nd choice.

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    Stagnant Growth Difficulty meeting student acquisition targets, leads to low referrals rates and decreased re-enrollments.
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    Fragmented OperationsDecentralized and manual learning processes across tutoring centers leading to higher costs.
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    Missed Opportunities Limited digital products means you’re not tapping into new markets and generating more revenue streams.
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    Gaps in StandardsLesson design isn’t aligned with international standards, while educators lack the necessary training to teach globally recognized skills.
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    Poor Learning OutcomesTraditional learning involves uninspiring, non-interactive lessons that fail to develop practical skills.
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    You Need A Hybrid-Ready Platform

    Flexible software that gives educators everything they need.

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    Automated and Centralized

    Advanced scheduling, booking, and student enrollment features for efficient administration.

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    Content and Course Builder

    Upload major file types with our Google Drive-like integrations and combine and assign resources effortlessly.

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    Flexible Class Management

    Offer instructor-led, online, offline, and blended eLearning programs.

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    Personalized Learner Portal

    Accessible on mobile, includes a student progress center and clear overview of analytics.

    Maximize Your Educational Impact

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    Give Your Programs More ValueBy integrating a hybrid-learning course, offer 1-on-1, group, and seminar classes online, and offline with 24/7 access to eLearning.
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    Attract and Multiply your Student BaseBy combining our authoring tools and e-commerce functionality to build, manage, and launch products for in-demand knowledge areas.
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    Centralize Your OperationsBy migrating all learners, instructors, and admin onto a single platform that streamlines admin processes and saves time and costs.
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    Deliver Delightful and Effective LearningBy using interactive and gamified modules that create memorable experiences focused on practical skills.
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    Case Study

    Powering Vietnam's Language Learning

    Our integrated content creation tools enabled Apollo English Vietnam to build a proprietary and marketable hybrid-learning program spread across 80+ tutoring centers.

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    46% of new revenue comes from referrals.
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    A 60% improvement in learning outcomes.
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    Off-track students decreased went from 35% to 11%
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    Cut call center support by 51%.
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    Apollo English

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    Everest Education

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    Wall Street English

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    Ni Hao Ma

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    Spark Prep

    Combining Technology and Support

    Get an incredible learning platform and delightful service.

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    We’re a learning partner that understands enrichment operations and will innovate alongside you.
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    We offer a complete digital solution for learning that keeps the costs down while helping you stay competitive.
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    We’re an expert instructional design team that develops and digitizes custom-made curriculums for all subject-areas.
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    We enhance learner engagement, educator effectiveness, and administrative efficiency - key factors for sustainable growth.
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    Begin Your Digital Transformation 
with our Enterprise LMS

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