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An All-in-One platform transforming knowledge into actionable capabilities that drive business results.

Learner portal: Desktop & mobile view, analytics, rewards, course overview, countdown clock, assessments section, plus an ad banner.



An innovative platform comprised of all essential tools for enterprise hybrid learning.

Learner Portal

Our Learner Portal allows students and employees to dive into their own virtual learning enviroment.

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    Increase your reach and impact with Web and Mobile (iOS & Android) accessibility.
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    Personalize learning experiences with engaging self-study modules and tailored learning paths.
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    Keep learners on track with smart lesson notifications and motivating progress reports.
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    Promote active learning and boost engagement with rewards and gamification.
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    Admin Portal

    Efficiently manage large numbers of learners and scale your operations with our flexible, centralized learning management system. 

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    Save time and effort with advanced scheduling and booking options.
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    Build interactive courses and content to deliver engaging and effective learning experiences.
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    Effortlessly create personalized learner pathways for every student.
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    Empower instructors and learners with powerful analytics to measure progress.
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    LearningOS Unique Features

    Effective learning technology that maximizes the potential of:

    Learning Analytics

    Track and measure insights across all learners, instructors, and content. Monitor analytics to improve performance and engagement.

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    Scheduling and Booking

    Streamline your learners' learning with flexible scheduling and booking. Allocate instructors and content, or choose from self-booking options.

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    Student Success on Mobile: Completed Homework, Explores Learning Path, Course Details, and Learning Outcomes in Business English 4.

    Microlearning Practices

    Deliver concise, interactive, and engaging content with clear learning objectives and auto-scoring.
    Gamification at Its Best: Happy Young Learner Explores Space-themed Lesson with Clickable Activities and Customizable Reward Currency.

    Gamification Techniques

    Use customizable digital coins and set up stages with increasing challenge to boost learner engagement and motivation.
    Easily Upload Content: Drag & Drop or Select from Computer - Accepts PDF, DOCX, and MP4 Files.


    Upload your existing learning content with ease. LearningOS supports major file types including SCORM, xAPI, cmi5, and AICC.

    Additional Features

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    Cloud-Based System

    Built on top of Amazon Web Services (AWS), learners, instructors, and admins can rest assured they can access LearningOS from anywhere 24/7 with 99.9% SLA guarantee.

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    Virtual Classroom Agnostic

    Launch your preferred virtual classroom from your learner or instructor dashboard by adding your preferred video conferencing software links with ease.

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    API - LTI Integration

    Does your enterprise have an existing technology ecosystem? Our software engineers can provide access to our APIs and support you to integrate your favorite tools with LearningOS.

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    Attentive Customer Support

    Your success is our success. Have peace of mind knowing our team will pay close attention to the specific needs of your organization and provide you with email and live chat support powered by Zoho.

    Searching for Specific Features?

    Contact us for a more extensive feature list.

    Book Intro

    White-Labeled Branding

    LearningOS is a customizable, white-labeled platform that enables enterprises to alter its appearance to their desire, reinforce their brand identity, and scale authentically.

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    Trusted By

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    Take your business to the next level with LearningOS for Enterprises

    LearningOS automates your manual learning operations and allows you to deliver delightful learning. Scale up, and focus on creating effective and engaging learning experiences. That’s what learning should be, after all.

    LearningOS ticks all the boxes!
    • Personalized Learning Paths
    • Advanced Scheduling and Booking
    • Customizable Rewards
    • Learning Reports & Progress
    • Learning & Instruction Analytics
    • Announcement Banners
    • Custom User Groups
    • H5P Content Authoring
    • SCORM, xAPI & cmi5 Compatible
    • Third Party Content Import
    • Salesforce (CRM) integration
    • Google Drive Integration
    • Virtual Classroom Integrations
    • Custom Brand and White Label
    • Mobile iOS and Android Compatible
    • Custom In-App and Push Notifications
    • Multi-language Support
    • Single Sign-On (SSO)

    Our Impact

    OOOLAB transformed Apollo English Vietnam's operations at scale and improved the learning experiences of over 30,000 students and 20,000 parents!


    Content Services

    We've got the enterprise learning platform and the content that fits.

    Students can see their upcoming courses with unique course banner design.

    Custom Built Courses

    We specialize in a variety of curricula for K-12 enrichment including language learning and STEM subjects. We also build courses for corporate including employee onboarding, compliance training, and English for specific purposes.

    Series of icons representing H5P functionality.

    Digitized Content

    Transform your resources into engaging and interactive content that tracks learner progress and performance.

    Versatile Class Types: Offline, Online, Home Practice - Meet Enrolled Students via Avatars

    Fully Flexible Curriculums

    We create content that's designed for regular offline classroom instruction, online instructor-led sessions, and self-paced study allowing you to reach more learners by powering more types of learning!

    Lesson cover image with colorful design titled “Using Creativity to make a difference.”

    Professional eLearning Design

    Elevate your eLearning resources. Let OOOLAB give your templates, designs, and content a new makeover.


    Control your Content

    Owning professional and proprietary content helps enterprises to:

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    Maintain a competitive edge.
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    Increase brand awareness.
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    Scale quickly and more cost effectively.
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    Deliver more personalized learning experiences.
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    Content Showcase

    Browse our custom-designed lessons, tailored to suit the schedules of our busy clients.

    Chat with our Content Experts!

    Contact us to see our custom designed classes close-up.

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    LearningOS FAQ
    What are the main benefits LearningOS?

    Our platform is easy to use and automates all aspects of your learning operations. It efficiently manages complex tasks, allowing you to concentrate on delivering exceptional learning experiences.

    What main features does LearningOS offer?

    Our all-in-one software solution combines a Content Management System, a Learning Management System, content authoring tools, and a mobile friendly Learner Portal.

    Can your platform be used for corporate enterprises?

    Absolutely! LearningOS is an Enterprise LMS is a great fit for corporate learning. In fact, we have clients with up to 700,000 employees using LearningOS! Upskill your workforce by creating and assigning interactive eLearning content while effortlessly tracking employee progress.

    Who currently uses your platform?

    Our platform is currently used by over 120,000+ learners, parents, and employees across 21 countries worldwide!

    What types of content options are available on your platform?

    We offer ready-to-go curriculums for various educational purposes or our expert design team can build a custom course for you. We can also upload your existing learning materials and enhance them digitally.

    What is unique about your platform?

    Our platform, designed by educators for educators, provides you with all the tools you need to scale. Build and promote your own hybrid and blended learning courses and save money on licensing fees by owning your own proprietary content.

    How can I get started?

    Schedule a meeting with our experts and we’ll talk about how our platform can address your unique challenges and help to grow your business.

    Any more software questions?

    We'd be happy to answer them in an online meeting.

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