For Students

Learner Portal

Immerse learners in our user-friendly virtual learning environment.

Flexible Learning

Accessible on any device, learners can take control of their learning and access course materials around the clock, from any location. 

Two devices showing CLMS interface: assignments’ progress on desktop and crossword activity of an assignment on mobile device.

Learner Dashboard

  • Learners can preview details of upcoming courses and classes.
  • Learners can view their course progress data.
  • Learners can access lessons and assignments directly from the dashboard.
  • Learner portal overview: Upcoming courses, classes, course progress, lessons, and assignments displayed.

    An Inviting Environment

    Making learners feel at home.

    Push Notifications

  • Receive automatic reminders when it's time to enter a class.
  • Prompt students with notifications when homework is due.
  • Send notifications along with class feedback.
  • Remind students of important events.
  • Examples of notifications pushed to learners including class reminders, class feedback, and important events.

    My Assignments

    Homework, assessments, or recommended reading can be pushed to the learner portal. Learners can click, complete and submit their assignment for feedback.

    Delivery of homework and assessments to learner portal. Feedback and results provided post-completion.

    Multilingual Feedback

    Instructors can leave constructive feedback or offer praise to Learners in multiple languages.

    Report preview. Teachers can view class content and leave constructive feedback in multiple languages.

    Learn More About Our Learner Portal

    Contact us to set up a personalized demo.

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