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A Flexible 
Enterprise LMS for Enrichment Learning

Deliver exceptional learning experiences at scale.


Mounting Challenges In 
a Growing Market

K-12 tutoring and after-school programs face challenges:

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    Automating time-consuming manual learning operations.
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    Diversifying revenue streams with new products and services.
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    Unifying fragmented learning operations.
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    Consolidating students across tuition centers.
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    Scaling personalized instruction cost-effectively.
Mounting Challenges In 
a Growing Market.png

Extend Learning Beyond the Classroom

Maximize learning potential with an Enterprise LMS.

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    Deliver interactive live sessions AND online learning programs.
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    Create lucrative self-study programs on iOS and Android devices with 24/7 access.
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    Supplement classroom learning with interactive homework and assessments.
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    Utilize unique advertising and communication tools to promote new initiatives.
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    Reward good study habits with gamification.
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Built for Educators and Administrators

Contact us for a more extensive feature list.

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    Effortlessly manage thousands of learners.
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    Centralize learning operations across enrichment and tutoring centers.
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    Track learning progress with ease.
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    Accelerate course progression with intuitive admin tools.
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    Create custom role-based functionalities.
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Centralized Control,

Unlimited Learning Potential

Scale your enterprise with our all-in-one platform.

Getting students to do homework... impossible?

Apollo English, Vietnam found that a flexible learning model increased homework completion rates from 46.5% to 75.44%!

Build Delightful Learning Experiences

Develop interactive and engaging programs to boost enrollment and referrals, globally.

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    Offer in-demand courses like language learning, STEAM, and soft skills.
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    Launch new learning products that reach students worldwide.
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    Reduce your dependence on proprietary curriculum licensing by using or authoring your own learning content.
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    Extend your brands association in emerging K-12 markets such as, AI, Robotics, and Coding.
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Student-Focused Features

Inspire success while demonstrating measurable outcomes.

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Learning Analytics

Monitor key learning metrics to identify struggling students and increase learning outcomes.

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Gamify learning to boost engagement and assess progress.

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Automatically deliver one to one feedback on every module, project, and assessment.

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Curate and personalize bite-sized lessons for every learner.

Apollo Case Study

Transform and Scale

LearningOS empowered Apollo English Vietnam to launch Apollo Active, a branded hybrid-learning program that transformed their entire learning operations.

Our system allowed them to:

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    Migrate 30,000 students onto 1 platform.
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    Offer 20,000 parents access to their app.
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    Cut call center support by 51%.
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    A 60% improvement in learning outcomes.
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    Significantly reduce licensing costs.
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Apollo English

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Everest Education

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Wall Street English

Transform YOUR learning operations

Talk to us about developing a flexible hybrid learning program.

Custom eLearning for Enrichment

We build interactive learning programs for enrichment learning.

Our specialist instructional and digital design teams can create tailored classroom and mobile compatible eLearning courses so YOU can:

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    Deliver niche or diverse learning programs
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    Get rid of inflexible paper-based materials
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    Update all your teaching materials digitally across the board
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Begin Your Digital Transformation 
with our Enterprise LMS

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