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For businesses who want to build a SOLID product knowledge base.

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Overcoming Product Barriers

Do your employees know enough about your product?

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    Missed Opportunities Sales and product teams may not accurately convey the value of your products, and struggle to pitch effectively.
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    Ineffective OnboardingNew employees are not getting the most out of their onboarding leading to decreased productivity and ramp-up time.
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    Higher Support Costs Insufficient product knowledge increases support costs due to prolonged customer assistance and troubleshooting
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    Measuring PerformanceLack of structured training makes it challenging to measure employee performance and identify product knowledge gaps.
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    Expensive Product TrainingIn-house product training can be costly and ineffective, leading to passive learning and limited retention of product knowledge.
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    Platform Features

    Get Hands-On Product Experience

    With our flexible learning platform.

    Take a Flexible Hybrid Training Approach

    Blend personalized instruction and self-study to accelerate learning, driving better customer interactions and increased sales.

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    Realistic Scenarios and Interactive Simulations

    Teach in-depth knowledge of product features and their application. 

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    Soft-Skills Development

    Build customer management and resourcefulness skills to target user needs and troubleshoot effectively.

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    Clear Analytics

    Overviews of employee progress and effective feedback that reinforces knowledge.

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    Content Management

    Centralized resource sharing and easy-to-use course builder. 

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    Promote Active Practice

    A Comprehensive platform with a hands-on training solution.

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    Integrated Learning ApproachWe go beyond just eLearning. We offer a blend of instructor-led training, personalized for every team as well as targeted self-study.
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    Comprehensive Hybrid LearningLearningOS combines eLearning with hands-on practice through role plays and activities, ensuring mastery of product knowledge and effective onboarding.
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    Customizable Product Training Our experienced instructional designers and proven product experts create bespoke training built from the ground up.
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    Competitive PositioningWe help teams effectively position your product against competitors and differentiate it from other options in the market.
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    Trusted Globally and Locally


    Benefits Of A Tailored Service

    Together, we can break down knowledge barriers.

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    Guided Implementation:Our team of experts ensure the successful adoption of our software and support for custom designed product knowledge training.
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    Capability Building:Our Hybrid Learning LMS allows product teams to practice and repeat tasks, transforming knowledge into actionable capabilities.
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    Enhanced Team Performance: Our effective training leads to higher-performing staff; boosting sales, improving customer retention while reducing turnover and recruitment costs.
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    Tangible Results: Your product managers can finally bridge the gap between training and performance, ensuring all efforts lead to real, measurable results.
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    Frequently asked questions answered

    How does LearningOS help improve employee product knowledge and performance?

    LearningOS offers a hybrid-learning LMS with instructor-led and online/offline training available 24/7. It includes realistic scenarios, interactive simulations, and essential skills training, ensuring employees gain and apply in-depth product knowledge, boosting performance and productivity.

    What makes LearningOS different from traditional in-house product training?

    LearningOS combines eLearning with hands-on practice through role plays and activities. This integrated approach, personalized for each team, ensures effective onboarding and mastery of product knowledge. It is also cost-effective, scalable, and provides clear employee analytics and feedback.

    How does LearningOS support the implementation and scalability of product training programs?

    OOOLAB guides the successful implementation and support of a skills-based program. And our LMS, LearningOS is designed to scale learning without limits, making it more cost-effective than traditional methods. This ensures your training programs grow with your organization and deliver measurable results.

    To Transform Product Knowledge Into Skills

    You need a hybrid learning Solution.

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