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LMS for Churches and
Religious Organizations

An All-in-One LMS Solution for Faith-based Teaching

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Manage your digital content with easy-to-use navigation.

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Create commitments to God through meaningful teaching.

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Promote new understandings with inspiring courses.

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Build trust with your Ministry's unique branding.

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Simplify all complex and time-consuming tasks.

A Home for Personal Devotion and Spiritual Growth

Call to Action

Send automatic notifications and keep your followers informed. 

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Upload your recorded streams and allow learners to revisit your sermons anytime from their mobile.

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Self-guided Study

Followers of all age groups can access their content and study at their own pace.

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Provide Assignments

Followers can assess their understanding of scripture with quizzes, exams, and essential Bible readings.

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Give Praise

Pastors can commend learners and give feedback in multiple languages.

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LearningOS truly seems wonderful. Not only does it motivate local members to gather online, but it also allows long distance members to keep in touch with the Church community. LearningOS can be a key factor in all churches to effectively spread the word of God”
Senior Pastor Jae Myeong HwangLIFEWAY Church

Faith-Focused Features

With our platform you can:


Deliver Uplifting Sermons

Provide interactive experiences either at church or online.

Integrate Live Streams

Record and upload onto our platform and share with others.  

Manage Followers

Enroll new learners, appoint leaders and track progress. 

Create Learning Groups

Organize small volunteer teams or large communities.

Provide Personalized Study

Develop individual lesson plans for Bible study.

Upload Resources

Use your valued learning materials and assign them to followers.

Bring Revelation to Life

Create modules for worship with our interactive authoring tools. Explore over 50 activity types.

  • Develop engaging mini courses aligned with your church’s program.
  • Create instructional videos featuring hymns, quizzes, and activities.
  • Create fun eBooks for young learners.
  • Develop spiritual guides for families.
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Transform Learning Digitally and Spiritually.

Use our platform for education, connection, and growth.


LearningOS Empowers Growth

Start your spiritual learning journey today.


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