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Blended Learning Solution
for Enterprises

LearningOS powers blended learning by combining in-person learning, interactive online sessions, and self-study eLearning accessible on mobile. Our platform offers combinations of all learning modes and use cases across a wide range of industries.

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Deliver Interactive Live Lessons

An LMS is a teacher's best friend when it comes to delivering fun and effective classes.

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    Deliver Content with Ease LearningOS' intuitive interface makes it easy for teachers to navigate and access their fun interactive learning resources at any moment.
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    Use Third-Party Applications Effortlessly switch between content and launch those interactive third-party applications, websites, and tools that your students know and love.
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    Get Insights in Real Time Access your students learning analytics during the live class. Identify areas for improvement and make in-class adjustments.
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Host Online Sessions

Instructors can launch their virtual classroom straight from the admin portal.

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    Send Automatic Invitations Schedule upcoming class notifications and students can join the class with ease by clicking on their virtual classroom link on their learner dashboard.
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    Effortlessly Share Content Share your screen with confidence by opening your integrated virtual classroom from the admin dashboard.
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    Get Students Involved Actively engage students by launching your H5P interactive content and have students participate in gamified activities.
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Blended Learning On Mobile

Add value to your courses and increase your reach globally.

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    Supplement Live Sessions Assign materials such as pre-work, homework, and projects that students can complete in their own time.
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    Create Self-Study Programs Utilize your H5P tools and create self-study learning paths for students. Compile these modules into lucrative courses and even use LearningOS to promote them.
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Offer Flexible Learning Alternatives

Talk to us about developing a hybrid program.

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