Communicate Effectively

With customizable banners, notification, and sophisticated reporting.

Advertising Banners

Utilize these multi-functional banners to:

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Increase brand awarenessAdd your logo and branding colors to each banner.
BRAND (5).gif
Promote new coursesAdd clickable buttons and URLs to boost engagement and sell products.
Make sure important updates reach users in a timely manner.
BRAND (4).gif
Use the banners to guide users to features around the learner portal.
Custom Buttons

These incredibly versatile banners allow enterprise to cater to various audiences, including learners, parents, or potential clients. Create educational, or promotional banners to inform and excite your audience.

  • Easy to create
  • Easy to upload
  • Increases click rate
  • Streamlines operations
  • Creates additional revenue
  • Display multiple banners
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Custom Notifications

Our versatile messaging system helps you to connect with all kinds of users.

  • Remind learners to enter class, submit assignments, or check their feedback.
  • Set up in-house notifications and alert instructors to scheduling changes.
  • Send parents personalized messages regarding their child's progress.
  • Image displaying custom notifications: updates, scheduled upcoming class, new assignment feedback, and incomplete assignment reminder

    Feedback Channels

    Ensure continuous and direct communication with every learner.

  • Teachers can send summative assessments and personalize feedback to learners and parents.
  • Admin and instructors can receive enquires from learners and parents.
  • Learners and parents can access class reports and other key statistics including student talk time and class averages.
  • Montage: Learner analytics with student talk time and average score, teacher reviewing skills feedback from summative assessments, and a family monitoring their daughter's homework and class completion rates.

    Increase Engagement

    Streamline your communication channels.

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