Admin Portal

The home of your enterprise learning operation.

Advanced Scheduling and Booking

Our platform helps admins streamline learning and instructor’s classes using our clear calendar layout.

Mock-up of individual class management including class name, ID, instructor name, and virtual classroom link.

Manage Classes

Get a clear overview of class type and easily edit class details.

Comprehensive student management: Personal details, class credits, and credit transaction history.

Manage Students

Effortlessly enroll new students and access a wealth of info including learner history from the sidebar.

Calendar view of instructor availability on the admin portal. Set days, times, and assign teachers.

Manage Instructors

Get an overview of teacher availability, add new profiles, and manage schedules, and bookings.

Overview of custom notification fields with bell icon to represent scheduled class reminders.

Custom Notifications

Make sure your organization runs like clockwork. Set up class reminders for students, and instructors.

User and Group Management

Create and manage new learning groups on LearningOS to organize individual learners.

  • Add UsersEfficiently add or remove learners from existing learning groups.
  • Group ManagementAccess tabs in the sidebar for detailed information on groups.
  • Group AnalyticsMonitor group progress, reward credit allocation, group enrollment history effectively.
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    Learning Analytics

    Our platform monitors and collects data from all courses and levels and provides real-time feedback for learners.

  • Track individual learner progress and performance.
  • Track class, course, and curricula activity.
  • Use these analytics as a catalyst for student improvement.
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    All Hands On Deck!

    Our CLMS is your compass to steer students to success.

    Learning Path Authoring

    Build a personalized learning program for
    every student.

  • Create and manage learner groups for entire cohorts of learners.
  • Add entire courses to each learning path in two clicks.
  • Choose from different types enrollment.
  • Assign resources to individual learning paths directly from the dashboard.
  • Author learning paths, customize banners, enroll students, and tailor formats, levels, and sequences.

    Object Tagging

    Our effective eLearning tagging ensures all your valuable content is at your fingertips.

  • Organize your content by tagging learning objects with relevant descriptions, and metadata (LOM).
  • Easy to search, filter and manage your content library from the admin dashboard.
  • Link and associate your content with other similar content for easier lesson and course curation.
  • Effortless Content Organization and association: Tag, Search, and Curate with Metadata. Simplify Content Management via Admin Dashboard.

    Interactive Content Authoring

    LearningOS' unique use of H5P integration opens up a world of possibilities for learning and growth. Use our responsive platform to build and deliver interactive lessons seamlessly across devices. Learn more

    Author and Edit Content

    Create activities, courses, and build full curriculums directly from your dashboard.

    Girl accessing a content library overview viewing course names, last modified dates, and authors.

    Versatile Content Options

    Access a rich library of over 50 content types providing your learning design team with greater flexibility.

    Digital Learning: Man Accessing Diverse Content Library on Laptop.

    Centralized Course Management

    Manage all your content authoring initiatives seamlessly within the LearningOS platform.

    Centralized Course management image from the admin portal showing a lesson and unit overview.

    Upload Resources

    Our software simplifies the transition process, making it easy for you to migrate your digital resources. Upload all of your existing content to your new system. Refresh or revamp your old courses using your awesome new H5P tools.
    We support all major file types including SCORM, xAPI, cmi5, PPT, PDF, DOCX, PNG, MP3, and MP4.

    Preview of interactive video content in course builder with enhanced uploading capabilities.

    Evaluate Progress Thoroughly

    Gradebook The gradebook is a concise five column display. Instructors and admin can use these columns to:
  • Keep track of attendance, goals, and performance
  • Check automated scoring of assignments
  • Input manual scoring
  • Allocate reward coins
  • Student gradebook: A tool for instructors to write reports, view teacher comments and check learner history.
    Session Feedback Cards Instructors and admin can promptly fill out these cards after each session. Use these cards to write about:
  • Learning materials studied in class
  • Feedback on class performance
  • Problems students or instructors encountered
  • Specific advice for the next session
  • PED Session Feedback Cards: Instructors and admins can effortlessly review class content, learning materials, and performance feedback.

    All Members in One Place

    Full functionality for all levels of management.

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