Learning Content Digitization

Transform your learning materials into exciting digital assets, ensuring better accessibility and experiences for learners.


Digitization of Learning Content Will Help you To

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Improve Accessibility

Anyone with permission can access digital resources from any location with an internet connection.

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Save Time and Resources

Printing and reprinting materials each semester is time-consuming. Digital copies can be used endlessly without quality loss and are easy to share and store.

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Retrieve Content Faster

Create descriptive labels, discoverable tags, and keywords to find any section of information quickly.

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Keep Content Relevant

Digital versions of your resources can be updated, refreshed, and customized faster to suit different purposes.

Freshen Up Your Content

Let's talk about digitizing your resources.

Let us take the weight off your shoulders!

We provide all clients a free consultation to assess your needs, inventory your files, and suggest the most efficient digital solutions.

Digitization for Enrichment

Send us your non-interactive learning resources and we’ll transform them into wonderful engaging content.

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    Create high quality content from textbooks, worksheets, slide decks and assessment papers.
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    Select from a range of content types, including popular options such as multiple choice questions, fill-in-the-blank, and drag-and-drop activities.
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    Add interactive elements such as hotspots, pop-up windows, and hover-over labels.
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    Embed media such as videos, audio, and even maps.
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    Build interactive quizzes and mini games.
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    Create interactive assessments and track performance.
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    Digitization for Corporate

    Consolidate all your physical materials for a single purpose and give new life to your corporate training. We can: 

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    Take your static presentation slides and create compelling interactive content for corporate training.
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    Create self-paced tracked eLearning modules.
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    Create content that aligns with your SCORM-compliant authoring tool.
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    Create interactive onboarding videos with trackable micro-assessments.
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    Optimize existing web content for different devices like tablet and mobile.
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    Digital Content for Everyone

    Reduce costs while improving the learning experience for all kinds of learners.

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