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Create, share and reuse interactive content in your platform.

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AR Scavenger

Embark on augmented reality scavenger hunts for an immersive learning experience that blends digital challenges with real-world exploration.

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Find Multiple Hotspots

Encouraging interactive exploration within images and diagrams for dynamic educational experiences.

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Iframe Embedder

Access and interact with external activities and resources directly within LearningOS by embedding from a url or a set of files.

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Virtual Tour

Create immersive 360-degree virtual environments. Enrich the exploration with interactive videos, sounds, and more.

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Drag & Drop

Easily create eLearning tasks by dragging text and images. This feature also supports complex puzzles or board games.

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Interactive Video

Fostering engagement and comprehension through interactive elements embedded within the video content.

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Interactive Book

Build self-paced learning modules by integrating multiple activity types into a clearly structured learning experience.

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Question Set

Encourage active participation and reinforce learning with dynamic quizzes and assessments.

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