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LearningOS FAQ
1. What is LearningOS?

LearningOS is an all-in-one content and learning management platform that comes with a learner portal accessible on mobile. Our platform can power your entire enterprise learning operations.

2. Does LearningOS let me create and assign homework and prework?

Yes. Teams can create pre-work, classwork, and homework/assignment on the Admin Portal, then assign them to learners.

3. How can LearningOS help me to market my company?

LearningOS provides white-labeling and custom branding on the desktop and mobile app.

4. Is there a limit to how many users I can enroll?

There’s no limit. We currently handle over 120,000+ users.

5. How can LearningOS help with administration?

LearningOS is a centralized platform that manages learners, instructors, and admins. It streamlines all communication, scheduling of classes, attendance, and assessment data.

6. Does LearningOS offer gamification features?

Yes. You can incorporate games, quizzes and interactive elements into your courseware. LearningOS also allows customizing reward currency and award coins for assignment and class completion.

7. How is LearningOS different from other platforms?

Our platform is an All-in-One Solution. It combines a learning management system (LMS), content management system (CMS), admin and learner portals, and content authoring tools all on one platform. We also specialize in helping enterprises scale their learning operations.

8. How can LearningOS help to reduce costs?

LearningOS saves costs by automating scheduling, booking, and content management tasks, while also providing in-house content authoring tools that reduce content expenses.

9. What languages are supported on LearningOS?

LearningOS currently supports English and Vietnamese. If your organization has specific languagge requirements, we can work to cater to your needs.

10. Are there separate apps for parents and learners?

No, parents and students use the same app with a Netflix-style profile selection. However, the Parent Profile is passcode protected.

Creating Lessons and Courseware (CLMS)
1. What content authoring tools does LearningOS use?

LearningOS uses H5P, a built-in versatile tool for authoring interactive and engaging content. Users can also upload other common content types to LearningOS such as MP4, DOCX, PDF, and more.

2. Can I upload supplemental materials?

Yes. You can upload additional materials by clicking on the resources tab.

3. I have an existing H5P files, can I upload them?

Yes. You can seamlessly import and use your existing H5P files in our system.

4. I don't have content. Can you help us?

Yes. Our experienced team of learning designers can create custom digital courses for hybrid and blended learning.

5. Can I edit or update my course once I’ve published it?

Yes. Users can edit or update active courses at anytime.

6. Is there a limit to how many courses I can create?

There is no limit on course creation.

7. Can I export my lessons?

Yes. All lesson content can be downloaded.

8. Can I share a URL of my lesson?

Yes. A URL of the Lesson can be shared with other users of LearningOS.

9. How can I share my lesson content with learners?

Learners can view any lesson content assigned to their class sessions, additionally you can download and export any content, or share a URL of the lesson with other LearningOS users.

Learning Analytics
1. What reports and analytics are available in LearningOS?

LearningOS features the most popular analytics related to online and hybrid learning. We incorporate custom learning analytics for an additional fee.

2. Which user roles have access to analytics?

Student users have access to analytics related to their learning and admin have access to additional analytics.

3. I use gamification in my courses. How can I tell whether or not my learners are winning stars?

The LearningOS features a Managing Your Rewards section. Here you can find the Reward Dashboard and check the students Coin Level.

4. How often do the reports update?

Reports are updated instantly on a cloud based LMS.

5. Can I download all the analytics data?

Yes. You can download a .csv file with the user data for all users on your LearningOS.

API / LTI and Custom Integrations
1. Which VCs (Virtual Classrooms) does LearningOS support?

LearningOS effortlessly integrates any link-based video conferencing system.

2. Does LearningOS support custom integrations?

Yes. LearningOS can support custom integrations at an additional cost.

Security & Privacy
1. Does LearningOS.com collect any personally identifiable information (PII)?

We collect no personal information (PII) about you when you visit our site unless you choose to provide this information to us. Submitting personally identifiable information through our website is voluntary, but by doing so, you are giving your permission to use the information for the stated purpose.

2. Is LearningOS GDPR compliant?

Yes, you can see the full details on our Privacy Policy page.

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