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Enterprise LMS for
Sales Training Enablement

Overcome barriers and gain a brilliantly skilled team of
sales experts.

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Address Challenges Head-On

Overcome barriers and gain a brilliantly skilled team of sales experts.

Developing Comprehension Skills

Sales competency goes beyond just knowledge - it requires mastering various soft skills through hands-on practice and repetition.

Maintaining Consistency

Ensuring consistent training and performance is difficult when sales teams are spread across various markets, regions, and products.

Turning Knowledge into Practical Skills

eLearning is great for acquiring knowledge but doesn't effectively help sales teams develop practical skills and capabilities.

Limitations of Corporate LMS

Most workplace LMS systems are designed primarily for eLearning and lack the tools for comprehensive training.

Cost and Scalability of
In-Person Training

In-person training is costly, difficult to scale, hard to measure learning outcomes and generic content lacks practical application.

Enterprise LMS

Unique Features

Our software is designed specifically for dynamic hybrid sales training.

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    Implement a flexible sales training program with instructor-led sessions, online or offline, 24/7.
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    Assign engaging interactive and practical eLearning.
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    Get clear overviews of employee analytics to see which teams are hitting targets.
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    Effortlessly share important resources internally.
Learn More

A New Way to Learn

Combine expert training with a software solution.

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    Integrated Learning ApproachUnlike traditional training platforms, we go beyond just eLearning. We offer a blend of instructor-led training, personalized for every team as well as targeted self-study.
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    Comprehensive Hybrid LearningLearningOS combines eLearning with hands-on practice through role plays and activities, ensuring mastery of sales skills.
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    Customizable Training Team up with our experienced instructional designers and proven sales people to create bespoke training built from the ground up.
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    Centralized ResourcesCreate a content repository and host all your team's resources in one easily accessible location.

Trusted Globally and Locally


Proven Sales Expert

Chief Learning Officer (CLO) as a Service

Why next-level salesforce enablement matters.

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    More than tools: OOOLAB acts as your Chief Learning Officer offering guidance to ensure successful implementation of a sales training program that maximizes results.
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    More than just learning: We enable sales teams to practice and repeat tasks, effectively turning knowledge into capabilities that improves employee performance and increases revenue.
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    Better all-round team performances:Effective training leads to higher-performing staff, helping more team members hit their targets, improving retention, and reducing turnover and recruitment costs.
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    Better and more tangible results:We help CROs and Sales Directors bridge the gap between training and performance, ensuring effort leads to real results.
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    More scalable and cost-effective:Our hybrid training solution scales easily and is far more cost-effective than traditional in-person training.

Get Your Team Hitting Sales Quotas

With a proven LMS that transforms skills into revenue.

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